Summer Yoga Online Practices

designed by me for you!

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I’m excited to be offering you a chance to practice your yoga with me at home during the summer break.

I have produced a package of 3 guided video practices led by me which you will be able to access online via my website. All you need is an internet connection, your mat and yourself!

There are also two audio practices - a guided meditation practice and guided relaxation practice which you can download to keep on your phone or computer.

In this video I tell you a little bit more about what I’ve created.


What is included?

The Summer Practices include:

  1. Gentle Flowing Practice with Breath Counts Video (45 mins)

Suitable for all. (Pregnant ladies please skip the section lying on your back). This is a gentle grounding practice including simple yoga poses with gentle breath counts throughout to lengthen the breath and promote release and relaxation.

A great practice for the end of the day, if you are feeling tired or overwhelmed. This is a great practice to calm stress and anxiety.

View only online.

2. Summer Hip Opening Practice Video (32 mins)

Suitable for those with a stronger yoga practice - not suitable for pregnancy or ladies up to 12 months postnatal.

This practice will open up the hips, working up to Malasana (squat), promote core strength and includes an optional arm balance - Bakasana Crow Pose.

A great practice to work a little harder with a little more pace, and to refine some of the practices we have done in class.

View only online.

3. Summer Heart Opening Practice Video (50 Min)

Suitable for all - except pregnant ladies. Postnatal ladies up to 6 months do the gentle versions of camel pose.

This is a real celebration of summer and sunshine. Lift your heart, lift your spirits, open your body. Includes some flowing shoulder openings, sun salutations and backbends which you can take gently or more strongly working toward Ustrasana Camel pose. Please use a blanket under your knees for comfort if you need to or fold your mat over.

A great practice if its sunny, or if you need some sunshine in your life.

View only online.

4. Garden Meditation Audio (21 mins)

A guided practice recorded in my garden. Gently connect to your surroundings and draw yourself inwards. Enjoy being in the fresh air. Let the sounds and sensations of being outside guide your practice.

You can practice this meditation in your own garden, or use the sounds on the recording if it's too cold or rainy to be outside. Enjoy being in, connected to and part of nature and the world around you.

You can download this to your computer or phone.

5. Guided Relaxation Audio (11 mins)

Extend your savasana if you have the time by using this 11 minute guided relaxation. Or take this relaxation on its own to help you re- balance, unwind and relax

you can download this to your computer or phone.

You will have access to all the above practices for just one payment of £10.

You can see two sun salutation videos on my resources page if you’d like to see what to expect:


How does it work?

  • You will buy a pass for all of the above the practices via or use the button above

  • You can buy in class in cash if you wish

  • Allow 24 - 48 hours max for me to email you the webpage link and password (and just in case - if they don’t arrive please text me on 07977093373 for the links)

  • You will then be able to access the practices via the private password protected page on my website (this will be available to you for as long as the technology that supports my website exists!) here’s what part of the page looks like:

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The Summer Yoga online practices price is just £10

not much more than one face to face class and you have continuous access

The benefits of practising yoga at home:

A home practice can never quite replace a face to face class with a teacher, who will keep an eye on you, keep you safe and help you with adjustments. But a home practice can build your confidence and increase your ability to find comfort and ease in poses because you are doing them more often. It is really rewarding and I highly recommend it!

  • You can practice anytime

  • You don’t need much space - just a rectangle for your mat

  • You can do ten minutes or 2 hours depending on what time you have

  • You can choose your practice and what poses you’d like to do

  • It keeps your yoga going between face to face classes

  • it improves your poses, confidence and wellbeing.

These videos and audio files are intended to support the yoga that you experience in your regular weekly face-to-face class, but they can be used as a stand alone practice. Please make sure that you have been cleared to practice yoga by your medical professional before you begin and please read


If you have any questions or are not sure if these practices are for you, please contact me: 07977093373