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Welcome to my resources page,

intended to compliment your class and home yoga practice.

Scroll down to find Blog posts, inspiration and quotes (often from class), online classes, yoga and wellness resources - local, national and international. For all online practices - please read


Summer Online Home Practice

My Online Summer Home Practice is now available! Here’s a little intro to tell you about it.

The Sun Salutations below will give you an idea of the videos you will access as part of the Summer Home Practice.


Sun Salutation Practices

This is the Sun Salutation we most often do in evening class. It’s a variation on a traditional salutation, without Chatturanga Dandasana. I took this video out in the sunshine - the best place for a salutation of course, but most of the time in the UK at least you’ll be practising this inside!

This is a gentle variation on a sun salutation. Suitable for all except ladies during pregnancy (see my pregnancy resources instead). This version has less strong transitions between poses and less requirement for arm strength. Great for those in my daytime, gentle classes, and for beginners. (Tip: you can put a blanket, or fold your mat over under your knees if you need to).


Find inspiration and guidance on my Occasional Thoughts Blog…


…and just a little more inspiration for your day.


Yoga and Wellness Resources to support your practice

General resources:

Yoga Props (I can get a discount - please ask me!) -

Yoga Clothing (Use discount code tagsc001 fo 10% off instore or online -

Yoga Journal for all things Yoga -

Relaxation Music ichill music - especially Bodhi Tree

Guided Relaxations Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra Network -

Online Yoga

Yoga Today Online classes filmed in amazing US landscapes - Look out for Neesha Zollinger

Glo (formerly Yogaglo - A huge resource of online classes including meditation, breathwork and philosophy - look out for Elena Brower, Jason Crandell, Rod Stryker

Local Resources

Fabulous Massages in Winnington (for everyone not just pregnancy) Marilyn Wale Northwich

Beanddo Meditation with my teacher Mick Timpson in Manchester