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Life is now, not when or if. Turn up and be present otherwise you will miss it.
— Mick Timpson, Senior Yoga Teacher, CEO beanddo
Sarah has run a fantastic course, which has really helped me learn techniques for meditation practice.
— Patrick
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You might believe your happiness is defined in terms of what you have: your income, home or car, or your job. But evidence shows that your true happiness and inner peace is connected not to what you think and do but how you think and do.  If you think you can't meditate because you can't empty your mind of thoughts think again!  

The art and science behind the beanddo 8 week course is simple, powerful and life changing. At the core is a simple easily learned meditation technique practised by millions of people all over the world. We learn to use our thoughts in our meditation and positively change our relationship to them.


Sessions will be guided, integrated body and mind meditation techniques, which allow you to feel present and know a deeper more profound state of awareness.

The beanddo meditation techniques are aimed at helping you to equip yourself with the tools to access your inner resources of creativity and resilience to support your daily life. With sustained practice this can transform your life.

Meditation can be described as the conscious, purposeful attention of your mind and body towards the present moment. That’s it. You can read about meditation from a book or download the latest app. The real benefits of meditation are in the doing of it, with other people and with a good and experienced teacher. Meditation has been taught like that for 1000’s of years.

The course has helped me grasp what meditation is about and introduce it regularly into everyday life. It’s brought relaxation, clarity and happiness into some aspects of my life and promises to continue to do so.
— Rachel
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Beanddo meditation is enjoyed sitting comfortably in an upright chair with eyes closed.

No special equipment is required other than your own breath, body and mind.

It does not involve any complicated mental techniques, beliefs or changes in life style.

Meditation is not mind control, once learned it takes no effort, you are not stopping thinking, more changing your relationship to thinking… There’s a cognitive shift where you realise you are not your thoughts, which helps avoid rumination and getting caught up in other unhelpful thoughts.
— Mick Timpson

In this ten minute video I talk about some common misunderstandings people have when it comes to meditation - and how learning to meditate can really help reduce worry and stress and open up space and opportunity.  The video was originally on facebook live and the picture quality is not 100% but as its just me talking you don’t really need to see me and the information is very useful.

My journey to meditation

During my time practising yoga I have practised a variety of meditation techniques with a number of teachers – from guided meditations, to apps such as Headspace. But I have never really managed to create a really regular practice with a system that I found accessible.

I embarked on the beanddo Meditation Teacher Training course to support my own meditation practice. To dive deep into what meditation is, what its benefits are and how I could employ them more regularly in my own daily life with two small children, a busy schedule of teaching yoga and of course the requirements of running a home and business.

The beanddo meditation techniques I learned were all that I had hoped they would be – simple to follow, accessible for everyone and you really can use them in your day to day life whatever your schedule and commitments.

Regular meditation practice is making a huge difference to my life. It is helping me to find the spaces, the brightest moments and the calm that I need as a wife, mum, teacher and lover of life.


I am delighted now to be able to teach the techniques in my own location of Northwich as a wonderful addition to my yoga classes. My aim for all my classes is that they are welcoming, friendly and accessible and I know that the beanddo meditation course fits into this ethos perfectly.

I am using my learning everyday, my meditation practice has become regular and I have a deep desire everyday to just ‘be’ to sit, meditate and feel spacious, brighter, more connected to the world around me and everything within it, including everything I have to ‘do’.

I have learned to be flexible with my meditation, often sitting but also using the things I need to ‘do’ as meditations in themselves. I work my practice around my family and work life in an easy and effortless way.

I really hope that I can support more people to find this space, to untangle from the busyness and pressures of life in the society we find ourselves in.

The benefits of meditation:

When you learn to know the present moment through a systematic process of meditation, you gradually move your attention inward, gaining clarity and insight along the way. Eventually you come to rest in your true nature. That is where all the good stuff happens. It is where your intuition, clarity, happiness and creativity are.

That essential nature is the real version of you. It is where your peace, happiness and creativity are. You don’t need to go looking for them externally. You already own them, and through regular beanddo meditation they will emerge from the inside.


Meditation practice provides a simple well-trodden route to help you get back in touch with your life, and to be balanced by taking charge of your being and linking it closely with what you are doing.

You will re-discover better relationships with your work, your creativity, your family, friends, community and the world and most importantly with yourself.

It is a state where you can take charge and learn to live your life by design – not by accident.


Research is showing that regular meditation practice can help:

  • Improve our cognitive functions including IQ, memory, and creativity

  • Build self-awareness and confidence

  • Reduce stress and build personal resilience

  • Lower blood pressure decreasing the risk of heart disease

  • Overcome anxiety, panic attacks, depression and addictions

  • Improved immune system and pain management

  • Enhance feelings of personal self worth and sense of purpose

  • Increase energy levels and better sleep

Meditation is now a mainstream health promoting practice. The NHS regards developing a regular meditation in your life as vital to establishing wellbeing, reducing anxiety and finding peace, happiness and balance in your life.

“I have really enjoyed the meditation course with Sarah. It would benefit anyone interested in learning about meditation or bringing back to life past meditation practices.
— Helen

What the 8 week course includes:

75mins per week discovering:

  • what meditation is

  • meditation techniques that you can use in your daily life

  • how the art and science of yoga and meditation works

  • guided meditations at each session, increasing in length as the course progresses

  • a friendly group environment to practice your meditation

  • resources and handouts

  • support and guidance between sessions as needed


The course will be taught seated on chairs.

It is suitable for everyone age 16 plus.

No previous meditation or yoga experience necessary


Please bring a blanket or shawl with you and wear layers to keep warm.

Bring a bottle of water or other drink with you too.

We work without shoes on, warm socks are fine.


Your investment for this course is £64. Please note there are no refunds.



Don’t allow yourself to continue on the roundabout of life, of constantly ‘doing’. If you take the time to invest in meditation practice you you will be able to jump off the roundabout as you need to.

Join us for 8 weeks and learn to create the spaces you need for yourself to avoid overwhelm. Meditation will help you reconnect to your innate happiness, to a peacefulness, a place of ‘being’ that can help you navigate through all the things you need to ‘do’ in a more responsive and happier way.

I really look forward to welcoming you to the course!

Sarah xx

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