Pregnancy Yoga Classes 

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Pregnancy Yoga Classes in and around Northwich 

Suitable from 14 weeks until baby arrives!
Having experienced the huge benefits of yoga through two pregnancies I am delighted to be able to share the benefits with mums to be as they embark on their journey of pregnancy and motherhood.


My pregnancy yoga classes enable mums to be to take some time out each week to focus on themselves and also connect with their baby/ies.  Classes are a place to come to relax, unwind, meet other pregnant ladies and to learn how to use yoga both to bring strength and stamina to the body but also the mind, in preparation for labour, birth and motherhood.

Classes teach safe yoga poses to gently stretch the body to ease tensions and the aches and pains of pregnancy from backache, to heart burn to pelvic pain.  Poses will also build the strength required in the body to journey through labour and birth your baby.  Classes also include breathing and relaxation techniques to support the challenges of pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.


Thank you so much for the pregnancy yoga classes! I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the breathing techniques and stretches/positions certainly helped me in the lead up to, and during the labour!! It was also a really lovely way to meet other pregnant ladies!
— Liz
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Join us!


The benefits of Pregnancy Yoga include:

Build confidence:

  • in your natural ability to carry and birth your baby

  • in understanding your body and the changes pregnancy brings

  • as you connect to your baby before birth


  • the strengthening and toning of pelvic floor, abdominal and supporting muscles

  • the optimal positioning of your baby for birth

  • your journey of pregnancy, labour and birth


  • improve your posture helping to alleviate problems such as backache and pelvic girdle pain

  • ease digestion issues such as heartburn and constipation

  • combat sleeplessness through relaxation techniques and supported sleep positions


  • gentle exercises – to strengthen the body and use throughout your daily routine

  • techniques for relaxation

  • gentle breathing techniques to improve your breathing and to use during pregnancy, labour and birth


  • increased energy and reduced anxiety

  • meeting other mums to be

  • finding some peace and calm in your week to focus on you and your baby


  • techniques with your partner and family


Loved the time and space to truly relax that Pregnancy Yoga provided, the breathing techniques were certainly put to good use. Thank you so much, I loved the classes and the opportunity to share pregnancy experiences with others.
— Helen

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