What brings you to the present moment?

blossomiest blossom.jpg

This is blossom in my garden today, blossomiest blossom and look at that sky! This evening at Meditation Circle we are considering what things in our lives help us to be more present. Hobbies, special people in our lives, yoga, meditation... We are also considering how we can find simple ways to do those things more often, find more present moment in our lives.

When we spend more time bring present, we become more attuned to the world around us, it becomes more 'high definition' as my meditation teacher says. Certainly this is true for the blossom in my garden when I take time to just look at it without distraction, being as present as I can. Here Dennis Potter describes this beautifully.

So what in your life brings you more present moment, what gives you a deep sense of peace, time passing without you realising? And how can you bring more of those things in your life this week?